Ijburg Villa

Creating freedom and peace in an active family life with two children, the facilitation of your own coaching practice and the desire to easily invite family and friends and offer them a place to sleep, formed the basis of the wish list for the design of FELD. Working, living, coming together and enjoying the greenery and the water – the dream of the residents of this IJburg based villa .


Extra floor


During the renovation, an extra floor was added to the house. This new floor offers space for the coaching practice, an extra guest room and laundry room. The design of the structure was created in collaboration with partner Bouwstructuur. The elements in the existing exterior have been extended upwards. The structure has large windows on the waterfront. In this way, the coaching practice literally offers an enriching perspective. A continuous wall unit made of birch and cork offers storage space and various coaching methods. The laundry room, guest room with shower and toilet can be reached via the blind pivot door in the wall.


Material mix

A large kitchen, dining area, living room and playroom have been created on the ground floor. The lower living room is separated from the dining area by a ‘partition wall’ of plants. Two zones are created in a natural and open way. The acoustic wall gives the living room a more peaceful experience – even when there are many people in the house. The wall is made up of wooden slats sprayed in grey-green with felt in between.

The kitchen is made of warm walnut wood. A ceramic with rich, deep tones was chosen for the top. The same materials have been chosen for the TV cabinet that connects to the fireplace. The soft pink handmade tiles in the kitchen add softness to the palette. The mix of materials on the entire ground floor has been chosen with care. The balance between cold and warm materials, deep dark shades combined with softer colors. All in all, the palette creates a beautiful synergy due to its contrast.



“Every day I’m so happy with the space FELD created for us!”
// Maayke Wensink

photography: FELD & Lotshots