Villa IJsselstein

In collaboration with our partner Bouwstructuur FELD has transformed a detached bungalow into a modern villa. A top team of constructors, installation technicians and (interior) builders from Bejaco, Beda and Van Lieshout has achieved this beautiful result according to the design of both parties.

Contained & extended

All the clients’ living wishes have been accurately translated into the design for the interior and exterior of the villa.

Part of the original house has been sustainably preserved during the transformation. A spacious extension has been realized at level level. With an energy-efficient heat-recovery system, there is always a pleasant and healthy climate indoors.

Lovely light

The house is accessible both from the main entrance and via the basement where the car is parked. This way, residents immediately walk through the utility room with their groceries into the large kitchen. Here a skylight provides beautiful light. This way, the materials chosen for the kitchen stand out even more beautifully. The light oak of the island forms a nice contrast with the (almost) black wood of the wall block. The ceramic kitchen worktop provides a recognizable unity.

Hidden door

The master bedroom is entered through the blind door in the kitchen wall made of oak slats. The bedroom has a private bathroom, separate toilet and walk-in closet. The garden is accessible directly from the bedroom.

An industrial tiled floor was chosen for the entrance, kitchen and sanitary areas. Natural, warm wood was chosen in the living room and bedrooms.

Open yet divided

The spacious living room is separated from the kitchen with a see-through fireplace. The living overlooks the garden and is divided into two parts with a semi-open divider made of black oak. In one you can enjoy the fireplace, the view of the garden and a good conversation. In the other you can relax and watch TV. To connect these two parts, we designed a custom cabinet furniture over the entire length of the living room. This is made of the same material as the divider and wall block in the kitchen, ensuring a coherent and calm whole.

wonderful and sustainable

“From our very first meeting with Francine there was an immediate click. We were able to clearly indicate what we thought was important and we really experienced the collaboration as a joy. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and we often had fun together. Partly due to the expert help and creative insights from FELD, it has become a wonderful, comfortable and sustainable home. Ronald and I are very happy with the end result.”

// Loes & Ronald