De Trip

Within the overall theme of Dutch Design Week 2022 ‘Get Set’, FELD offered visitors a journey to Get Reset.

Descend for an uplifting experience

De Trip is an escape, a step into a different dimension, leaving visitors renewed. The installation is designed as a (pop-up) multi-sensory wander through an underground environment. An immersive experience is created with light, sound, gentle wind, scent and use of variety of materials.

New perspectives

De Trip facilitates in a wish we all sometimes feel to just go away. Away – to an unknown place, a place different to what we’ve seen before, bringing us new perspectives and a fresh mind. In turbulent times especially, FELD felt the need to give people an immaterial escape. De Trip enriched the audience on an emotional and energetic level through a sensational experience.

The journey

Visitors experienced an adventure of Stillness, Stimulation and Oasis. This sequence is put in place mindfully to contributie to a certain sense of transition. Stillness showed a white, cloudy, calm and blank world with diffuse bright light behind soft flowing curtains. Time to reset … Depending on one’s navigation choices, the next phase Stimulation offered two different experiences, both feeling somewhat ‘unheimisch’. De Trip’s last zone exposed an aromatic green-blue Oasis with (floating) multi coloured objects, subtle glister and mesmerizing reflections.

Layered soundscape

The sound is designed especially for De Trip and the acoustic characteristics of the industrial basement. Each of the three zones broadcasted a homogeneous sound story. Per zone an extra speaker enriched this basis with a unique sound layer. While entering a new zone, people physically came closer to this additional and zone-specific sound.

Magical interaction

The human need for a small escape in a sometimes overwhelming reality is key in developing De Trip. The location-specific design resulted in magical interaction between the architectural characteristics of the basement and its visitors. Playing with lower passages, people where encouraged to use their body to continue their path. Participants felt soothed and more calm, gained new energy and fresh perspectives. They appreciated the playful and adventurous feel, triggering one’s curiosity.


“Magical artwork hidden in a basement at Strijp T, an immersive installation.”

Iulya Tsurcan

“Het doet me veel. Ook emotioneel. Ik moest gewoon een paar keer terug komen want je beleeft het elke keer weer anders. Ik geloof in dit soort spaces, waar je weg van alles bent en reset ervaart via een innerlijke reis en rust.”

Luc Geurts

“Eintauchen in die Unterwelt und sich verändern lassen. Ein ganz neues Erlebnis und eine ganz neue Perspektive.”

André Steffens

“Prachtige installatie: binnenkomen, ontspannen, schouders zakken als vanzelf naar beneden en met een grote glmlach de ruimte ontdekken. Oprecht een beleving.”

Suzanne van Delft

“A wonderful installation that had us playing and adventuring in, what otherwise would be a basic basement. Playful, colourful, adventurous.”

Floor van Schie

Special thanks to

Paul Cremers – lighting design
Marlon van der Pas – sound design

Wouldn’t have been the same without

Aitan // teaser video
American Supply Paris // magic materials
Booming Productions // after movie
Driving Dutch Design // focus and support
Engelen events // construction fences
Lingua Planta // high quality aroma ‘Defend’
ROC Ter AA // build-up ROCkstars
Roos de Kok // voice-over teaser video
Siersema Interieur // finest fabrics
Sonic Picnic // sound teaser video
Sorara // ‘prikkeling’ material
Strijp T // underground location
Studio Popova // greatest graphic design
The SoundBoy // rental Soundboks speakers
Trip to the Moon Films // teaser video

Give me more reactions

‘Ik wil hier niet weg’
‘Ik ben geprikkeld op verschillende vlakken’
‘Het was te klein, ik wilde meer’
‘Cool, die kleuren’
‘Very poetic’
‘Het is totaal anders dan andere ervaringen’
‘Complimenten. Ik kwam echt tot rust – zocht een bankje om heerlijk in het laatste gedeelte te relaxen’
‘Er was een regenboog’
‘I like the way body movement was integrated in the installation’
‘Amazing. Het staat in mijn top 3 van vandaag’
‘Dit was echt een avontuur’
‘It wasn’t about what was there, but about what you experienced’
‘Het heeft iets spiritueels’
‘Ik merkte echt verschil tussen eruit komen en erin gaan, liep echt al langzamer’
‘Je mag echt weer even kind zijn’
‘Heel verrassend’
’10 out of 10′
‘Een mini Glow’
‘Mooiste van Dutch Design Week’
‘I love these immersive experiences’
‘This was so amazing. Brilliant. Thanks a lot’
‘Ik ben opnieuw geboren’
‘Ik ben hier al eerder geweest en wilde het nu heel graag aan mijn oma laten zien’
‘That was really cool. My favourite kind of art’
‘Kerkelijk. Religieus. Spiritueel’
‘We komen hier speciaal voor De Trip’
‘Hiervoor ga je naar Dutch Design Week’


Britt Roelse
Zindzi Zwietering