Shared office space

FELD has turned an old sound studio into a pleasant shared office space. The space has a number of permanent and flexible workplaces, a kitchen, lunch and meeting room. The somewhat cramped layout (for the sound studios) was turned into a coherent, more open shared space. The underlayment staircase we designed connects the two floors. Downstairs, the toilet group has been expanded and has a colorful tile pattern, referring to the rich palette of different talents using this space.

Leon de Korte made the cool illustrations on the wall.

Light,spacious and functional

“With a great sense of design and detail, FELD has created a space where creative entrepreneurs like me feel at home. The office is light, spacious and practically furnished, with a pleasant mix of old and new furniture. I really enjoy coming to my workplace and so do my customers and relations, I often receive compliments!”

// Jasper van Bochove, Founder Caramel Business


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