Loft Amsterdam

The owners of this apartment in a former factory asked FELD to integrate their housing needs into a total plan. The old structure of the house with a single bedroom in the basement was insufficiently suited to the family expansion that awaited them.

Comfortable cocoon

During the renovation, two children’s rooms were created in the basement. On the ground floor, the kitchen and living room are connected by a ‘cocoon’ in which various – more private – functions come together. The construction of timber, glass and steel provides space for the master bedroom, bathroom, toilet, walk-in closet and laundry room. In the cocoon, the enormous height of the building is used in a staggered manner. This enhances the feeling of multiple zones within the room and also creates a lot of storage space.



photography: Ossip van Duivenbode

The most out of every space

“From the moment we set foot in our current house, we knew: we wanted to live here. The house was in a former factory building and was long, narrow and high. Although we were in love with the place, the layout as it was did not suit our situation. And how do you turn this space into a home in which style and comfort match a place where you feel good? Without FELD’s specialism, this would never have been possible. Francine and her partners think along from A to Z.

From the first conversation, Francine showed that she listens attentively and asks critical questions. Once we had clearly identified our question, our wishes were translated into a design. A layout was created that does justice to our dream and suits our family life. The current layout has been completely removed, except for the location of the toilet. During the renovation, FELD continued to monitor whether the design was executed properly and according to plan until completion. You only renovate once and it has to be perfect. We have learned that this perfection initially lies in the spatial basis of a design, followed by the materials, colors and the interior. Francine is driven and determined to get the most out of every space. She works with boundless energy and an original view on living. Using FELD for our renovation has only yielded results!”

// Maayke & Alex


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