The new office of the fast-growing company LevelUp is located in the B2 collective building in Amsterdam. FELD was asked to design this new space according to LevelUp’s wishes and brand identity.

Pleasantly playfull

Two concentration areas have been created at the back of the room – in addition to a separate meeting room. The felt-covered wall panels can be used to insert inspirational material and contribute to pleasant acoustics. A raised floor section and the reinforcement mesh give the lounge a more intimate feeling within the large space. Opposite the centrally located pantry, the office has eight bright workplaces.

Graphic imagery

Based on the visual brand language of LevelUp, FELD developed various graphic figures that play a role in the interior. The underlayment of the custom furniture has a yellow-pink pattern and the lines and figure on the walls are made with pink duct tape. Already in the corridor, the visitor is brought into contact with this characteristic element. The enthusiastic LevelUp team applied and implemented the graphics in collaboration during the realization phase – a lasting contribution to the daily workspace.

Creatief, origineel en kritisch

“Working with FELD was a feast. Francine is creative, original and critical. For the design of our new office, she examined our website extensively for logo and style and asked the team about what we want to convey as a company. She has incorporated this input into a playful, cheerful and warm design. In terms of communication, Francine was easily accessible, always willing to think along and clear and fast in sending quotations, plans and elaborations..”

// Aik Deveneijns, CEO en oprichter LevelUp


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