Communal area KRO-NCRV

The Mediaplein is the central meeting place of Dutch broadcaster KRO-NCRV. This square had a nice basis, but lacked brand experience and authenticity in the interior. KRO-NCRV has asked FELD to make the broadcaster’s identity more visible and tangible in the existing structure.

Users shared

Prior to the design phase, FELD listened a lot to the users of the Mediaplein. They shared their ideas based on questions like “When do you use the Mediaplein, what purpose does it serve you, what values ​​does the KRO-NCRV have, what is the energy flowing and which elements are indispensable?” By structuring this bundled information and converting it into design solutions, the renovated interior of the Mediaplein was created.

Inspire and connect

Semi-closed spaces have been created to meet each other. The visual imagery of the broadcaster is integrated in the stands, at the bar and in the connecting light installation. Opportunities have been created in several places to share, listen, tell and inspire in a playful way. The long cork wall behind the coffee corner is our own variation on the wild-stick column. The broadcaster can also share inspiring technical innovations in a separate cubicle on the Mediaplein. An infinite number of different arrangements can be created in this cubicle using minimalist black and white elements.

FELD was responsible for the concept, design and supervised the realization of the project. With the concept and visual imagery as a starting point, Vera Selhorst created the beautiful light installation.



photography: Sonia Mangiapane

We receive a lot of compliments

“FELD was the right agency for the decoration of our Mediaplein from day one. Francine was able to translate our wishes, and there were quite a few, in an innovative way like no other. She is creative, flexible and extremely structured. You rarely come across that combination. She asks the right questions and asks questions so that your ideas become even sharper and therefore better. She has turned our square into an incredibly beautiful and pleasant place where people come together, work, meet each other and where a lot of creativity can arise. We receive a lot of compliments from both people outside our organization and colleagues!”

// Maike Gehlen, Communication Manager KRO-NCRV


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